Friday, August 5, 2011

The Great Butterfly Hunt Continues - But Who Is Doing The Hunting?

So, I got up early to go find some butterflies. I ended up at Irwin Prairie. It is usually a great place to find Giant Swallowtails because of all the Swamp Milkweed which grows along the boardwalk. The weather was perfect ...for butterflies. Way too hot and humid for people! There were surprisingly few butterflies, but lots of Milkweed in bloom. I soon discovered why. Nature in action.

Sunday morning. Kroozer decided to sleep in.

Not a spectacular Spicebush Swallowtail. Then all of a sudden it flew to another flower, and was GONE!

Flowers are very dangerous places for the unwary butterfly!

After I started looking, I found a Mantis on nearly half of the Milkweed plants, and some of the New England Tea.

A nice Tiger Swallowtail. It was still OK when I left... tick... tock... tick...

Some of them are green, and even more difficult to see.

So, I decided to go somewhere else -a little less dangerous. Hopefully I would find something interesting.

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