Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Wildflowers From April 2012 Walk

Squirrel Corn

Blue Phlox, Smooth Phlox, And Waterleaf

Showy Orchid

Showy Orchid

Rattlesnake Plantain (it is really an Orchid)

Wild Oats

Wild Stonecrop (Sedum ternatum))

Still A Few More Wildflowers April 2012

White Trillium

Small Or Swamp Jack-In-The-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum)

Brown Cup Fungus

Brown Cup Fungus

Brown Cup Fungus

Broad-Leaved Waterleaf

Wild Blue Phlox

Smooth Phlox (Phlox glaberrima)

A Few More Wildflowers April 2012



Golden Ragwort


Rue Anemone

Broad-Leaved Waterleaf With A few Spring Cress In Back

Spring Cress

Greek Valerain (Polemonium reptans)

Greek Valerain (Polemonium reptans)

A Few Wildflowers (Not Violets) April 2012

Yellow Water-Buttercup (Ranunculus flabellaris)

Common White Dogwood

Red Admiral On Common Dandelion

Black Swallowtail

Wood Anemone

Common Wild Strawberry

Yellow Trout-Lily Or Adder's Tongue (Erythronium americanum)

White Trout-Lily  (Erythronium albidum) (all specimens had mottled leaves in this area)

Fire Pinks

Fire Pink

Seven Different Violets On A Spring Walk April 2012

Birdfoot Violet (Viola pedata)

Birdfoot Violet (Viola pedata)

Northern Downy Violet (Viola fimbriatula)

Common Blue Violet (Viola papilionacea)

Pale or Cream  Violet (Viola Striata)

Round-Leaved Yellow Violet (Viola rotundifolia)

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Long-Spurred Violet (Viola rostrata)