Friday, March 1, 2013

Bath Time! Hawk 10-2-2012

It has been a while since I posted any pictures here. That is because most of last Fall I was unable to walk, so I was not out taking any. But these were actually taken through my kitchen window! This beauty stopped by for a bath on my swimming pool cover. He spent about 20 minutes splashing and playing in the water. I took about a hundred pictures. They are all taken hand-held through a dirty window and a screen with a canon 100-400 zoom lens on my T2i as I was concealed behind a sweet potato vine that was growing on the windowsill. Here are a random few of them.

I think it is a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, but I am terrible with hawks

He repeatedly dunked his head. Sometime he submerged completely.

He would come up, and shake off, then do it all over again.


Glub! Glub!

Note the membrane covering the eye. Kool!

After the first few times he was plenty clean. This is just fun!