Monday, June 24, 2013

A Few Picture From Upper Peninsula Michigan June 2013

While off-roading we came out in a meadow to find this fine fellow.

Beaver in Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Watched a pair of them munching on Yellow Water Lillies. Too cute!

...just in case there was any doubt ; )

Osprey on nest, also at Seney NWR ...actually there is a pair of them.

Night shot of the moon on the lake next to our tent

Chilly morning. 35 degrees!

A couple red-headed chickens on stilts ...or maybe they are some kind of Ostrich ...naw! Sandhills!

Presque Isle near Marquette has some of the oldest exposed rocks in the world.

Ever see a Pitcher Plant flowering? Me either until I found this one at Presque Isle. Was unable to get closer for a better picture.

Saw a few Mourning Cloaks. Not many butterflies yet in the U.P.

OK! This one is in my own backyard. Several of my naturalist friends and I have discussed how we NEVER see baby doves. Well ...they were waiting for me to take their picture when I got home.

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